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Hand-crafted workshops that build expertise, boost confidence and improve writing culture.

About AROSA Consultancy and Training

Leading educator Ron Denholm set up AROSA to offer workplace writers a unique and engaging way to make their documents more efficient to write and read.

AROSA has now trained more than 7500 workplace writers.

A hand-crafted writing workshop is the key to tap into skills needed to build work writing expertise. As skill levels increase, so does confidence. You will become your own editor.

And you’ll start saving valuable time and money along the way!

AROSA workshops also aim to improve your organisation’s writing culture. As more people do our workshop, the easier it becomes to talk the same editing language between frontline staff, managers and executives.

Why choose AROSA?


We train at your workplace across Australasia.


We are internationally acknowledged subject experts.

Tailored Solutions

Our tailoring is utterly unique and compelling.

Client Satisfaction

Our client feedback is really impressive.

Remote Learning

You can also do some AROSA workshop modules at your own pace at home.

We're thrilled with our client feedback.

Thinking Snapshots

Below, you'll find plenty of thinking snapshots from our workshops we've posted in Slideshare and LinkedIn.

AROSA Workshops

Our one day tailored business writing workshops are divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Morning sessions deal with structuring content and afternoon sessions deal with controlling language choices. Knowing how to separate and evaluate content from evaluating language is a critical path to more efficient workplace writing.

All our workshops come with a workbook, after session PowerPoint and powerful review exercises.

Business Writing: Efficient Workplace Writing

Designed as a general content session for email and reports.

Minute taking: Efficiently Turn Hours into Minutes.

Specifically for anyone new to Minute taking and for those already doing Minutes.

Ministerial Writing: Efficient Briefing Papers

Very useful for people starting such a role and for those with some experience.

Report Writing: Creating High Reader Impact, Efficient Text.

Popular across all industries, this session is a must for managers and frontline staff.

Technical Writing: Building Compelling and Efficient Cases.

Very useful for people creating technical documents for non specialists.

Punctuation Power in an Hour!

This is a an interactive one hour session that comes with a workbook and follow-up slides. It is popular with small and larger groups up to 25 per session.

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Located in Sydney, AROSA Consultancy and Training provides services Australia-wide. Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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